Core Control Balance

If you suffer from back pain, our ‘Core, Control and Balance’ classes are designed to help you regain control and strength within the core groups of muscles that control your abdomen and back . In fact, our therapists often refer to this “core” as the “cylinder of stability”.

The exercises in these classes provide a total body workout, with a focus on the core muscle groups. Regular attendance will help increase your body tone, strength, balance, posture, coordination and flexibility.

You will also benefit from an increase in overall fitness, health and wellbeing.

Classes are small so we can make sure you get personal attention and care from our qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

We recommend you wear grip socks and comfortable gym gear, making sure you also bring along a water bottle and a small personal hand towel.

Core, Control and Balance classes will teach you the basic principles of good, healthy posture, including the neutral spine position, breathing techniques, and the correct way for activating or switching on your core muscles.

At Novita Health, our classes will also help you focus on relaxation, concentration, isolation, precision, and accuracy to make the Core, Control and Balance exercises effective.

You will also use a range of equipment during your workout, adding variety to you sessions as well as challenging and motivating you to achieve your goals. This equipment includes an Ultra Lite Circle, TheraBand resistance equipment, hand and ankle weights, gym balls, foam rollers and fitness mats.

Under the guidance of our physiotherapists, these extra elements will help you enjoy a safe and comfortable workout.

People of all ages can join our Core, Control and Balance classes, even if they’re suffering from back and neck pain. The ultimate goal of the class is to help you achieve a solid, stable core (or spine) while also learning exercises to help you maintain a good posture.

Over time, you will have a stronger and more reliable “core” supporting you as you go about your daily chores and routines. You will be able to lift shopping bags, use stairs, and do other routine tasks, while protecting and benefitting from a solid core and good posture.

To begin Core, Control and Balance classes at Novita Health, we ask you to attend a one-on-one assessment with our qualified and experienced physiotherapists before attending a class.

See our Classes page for session times and durations.