Whether it’s for fitness, overall wellbeing, rehabilitation of an injury or recovering after surgery, hydrotherapy is a safe and fun way to exercise.

In the Novita Health pool, you can undergo hydrotherapy, which is a form of treatment that helps you regain your physical well-being.

Our physiotherapists at Novita Health will recommend hydrotherapy as a good therapy for you when you have particular issues with pain, arthritis, flexibility, maintaining general fitness and balance. In situations like these, hydrotherapy is an effective treatment because you have buoyancy in water which supports your own body weight.

As a result, you can do exercises in water that are impossible or painful to do on land, and because our hydrotherapy pool is heated, it is not only comfortable to work in, it is a soothing environment.

This pool work is an excellent tool for treating you before or after knee surgery and hip replacements, as well as treatment for joint pain, arthritis, and sports injuries. You can take part in hydrotherapy with one of our physiotherapists or as part of a class. Click here for hydrotherapy class times.

While Hydrotherapy is a popular choice for people undergoing joint replacements, clients who suffer from back pain can also benefit from it.

For some clients, land-based exercise may not be ideal as you will find that your back and legs need to support your weight, and when you already suffer pain, loading your body with stretches or exercises can be counterproductive.

In the pool, you have the support of the water which will take a significant load off your body, which gives you more freedom to exercise without any weight bearing. Working with our physios in the pool can increase your fitness and aerobic capacity in a safe way, progressing at a pace you are comfortable with.

The extra support that the water provides also means you can work on improving your balance and coordination without the risk of falls and injury that you may face on land.