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Core, Control & Balance

Core, Control & Balance classes are designed to provide a total body workout with a focus on the core muscle groups around the abdominal area and back. Regular attendance to our classes will help increase body tone, strength, balance, posture, coordination and flexibility Core, Control & Balance classes also contributes to overall fitness, health and wellbeing.

Classes can run for 40 minutes or 60 minutes. A maximum of 6 clients per class allows our qualified and experienced physiotherapists to be able to maintain their personal attention and care for every client. We recommend grip socks to be worn and comfortable gym gear. Make sure that you bring along a water bottle and a small personal hand towel.

Core, Control & Balance classes will teach you the basic principles, including the neutral spine position, breathing technique, correct activation of your core muscles, relaxation, concentration, isolation, precision and accuracy, all these components together make the exercise effective.

A range of ‘props’ is used to enhance your workout and add variety to help challenge and motivate you towards achieving your goals. Novita Health uses an Ultra Lite Circle, Thera-Band, Hand & Ankle Weights, Gym Balls, Foam Rollers and Fitness mats ensuring a safe and comfortable workout.

Core, Control & Balance classes are suitable for both men and women of any age group including those who suffer from back and neck pain.



  • To achieve a solid stable core/spine
  • To learn exercises while maintaining a good posture

Enable you to use your limbs while achieving a solid core and good posture and incorporate into your daily life. 



The cylinder of Stability is made up of muscles working together to protect the spine.
These muscles are:

  • Transversus abdominus (TA) (the deepest abdominal muscles)
  • Multifidus (a deep back muscle)
  • The pelvic floor muscles
  • The diaphragm.


To begin Core, Control & Balance classes at Novita Health we ask you to attend a 1:1 assessment with our qualified and experienced physiotherapists. The assessment allows a prescribed program to be tailored for you.


Class Times


10am–11am 2pm–3pm 3pm-4pm 6pm–7pm


4pm–5pm 5pm–6pm